Bargate stone

Bargate stone is a highly durable form of sandstone. Medieval quarries can still be seen today in the hillsides surrounding Godalming. It is most commonly used in Godalming, Hascombe, Guildford and surrounding villages.

Having grown up in a local builders family in Godalming, Burton brothers have been building with Bargate stone for many years and this is where we truly specialise.

Being able to 'work the stone' is a skill that has been largely lost, but this is an area where we really stand out. 

We actively source various qualities of Bargate stone, which we then cut and hand dress at our yard in East Hants, ready for building in modern or heritage projects. We also have the ability to use existing stone reclaimed on site to be cut and re-used in your project.

Bargate stone we hold in stock:

Recently excavated, clean Bargate stone. Ideal for random laying method and dry stone walling.

Reclaimed walling Bargate stone (weathered), suitable for coursed or random laying method in walls and buildings.

The best quality golden reclaimed stone suitable for coursed stonework on buildings.

We are happy to buy or sell Bargate stone and have accumulated a large quantity for use in our building projects. 

What we do

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100mm bargate cladding for use in modern building projects

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Stone porches

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Bargate stone steps

Cutting and dressing of reclaimed stone

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