Recent Large Projects

Brick, bargate stone and block main structure for ground floor extension

On an attractive bargate stone period property in Godalming, we completed a side extension, using locally sourced bargate stone and bricks matching the originals. The high quality materials and brick work were carried out to an excellent standard, which were able to accentuate the property’s striking original features.

Flint walls

Based in Effingham, an area renowned for traditional flint work, we designed and completed a number of large-scale flint walls that surrounded our client’s property. Using the random method, along with lime mortar, we ensured that our work was in keeping with others in the community.

 Bargate stone and brick wall

To surround a large property in the Guildford area, we completed a metre bargate stone and brick wall. Thorough planning processes and design work, carried out closely with our clients, lead to a successful design that added to the property’s appeal and created an attractive enclosure and privacy for the household. Stone and brick was integrated attentively, in the form of stone panels and precise edgings and cappings. Bargate stone was patterned and designed fastidiously, leaving our clients extremely satisfied with the end result.

Flat roof extension and landscaping

On a semi detatched house in liphook, this project was to provide a light and modernised single- storey extension onto the rear of a traditional family home. The result is a bright, spacious, open plan and cost effective addition to the property.