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Bargate Stone For Sale

Bargate stone For Sale

As well as processing stone for our projects, we are also happy to supply stone to private and commercial clients. We operate a small yard and therefore all stone is often supplied on a 'made to order' basis. We currently hold in excess of 500 tonnes of Bargate stone. Please get in contact if you would like to source genuine quality Bargate stone for your project.

Cropped Random

This has been split and only the very worst of edges taken off by hand. The stone will be in random shapes.

This is the most cost effective stone. However, it is up to your stonemason to face the stone when laying. The final appearance of the stonework will depend on the skill and effort of whoever is laying it.

Cropped and Faced Random

The split stone has mainly been squared off. All four edges have then been hand dressed so that the face is no longer flat and the sharp edges are now gone. The stone will have a much more attractive appearance. Although mostly squared, the stone will still be a variety of different sizes and shapes will still be random.

This takes a lot of work away from the stonemason who is tasked with building. The stone can effectively be laid straight away with very little to no shaping or facing. 

We recommend you allow between 130mm - 150mm (depth) 'on the bed' for all cropped stone.

Landscaping Bargate stone

This is unworked rubble stone suitable for dry stone walling, rockery or rubble facing stonework. We also hold Bargate stone boulders of varying sizes.

New cropped random Bargate

New cropped Bargate_edited_edited.jpg

New cropped and Faced, random Bargate

New cropped and faced Bargate adjusted_edited.jpg

Colour and Variation


 It goes without saying that this is a natural product 100 million years in the making. No one piece of stone will be the same, with varying colour and pattern even among the smallest of boulders. 

The iron oxide content in Bargate stone is what contributes to the wonderful golden/honey colour we are familiar with.

A large proportion of our stone is from harder deeper seams displaying more grey colour tones (the prized stone of past quarries). As the stone oxygenates and weathers, it will become even harder and the colour will change. This can easily be seen from splitting good quality reclaimed Bargate stone.


Reclaimed Bargate stone, the weathered face is golden but the inside is grey

Looking for dressed, coursed Bargate stone?

Unlike many other types of stone that can be processed in large flat scants, or soft enough to be easily sawn, Bargate stone is typically difficult to work with. The process of dressing and sizing stone for the best coursed stonework is all done by hand and very labour intensive. Currently we are only offering this as part of a 'supply and lay' service.


We also have on site facilities for cutting dressed stone down to specific bed sizes for our projects. 

Specialist Bargate stone supply and laying service

Burton Brothers are specialists in Brick and stonework, for a quality finish why not get in contact with the people who know it best!

Extension using new cropped Bargate stone
Guildford 2022


For further information on our Bargate stone, view our Bargate stone page:

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